e-MARKETER is a comprehensive personalization platform, providing your business with every tool needed to optimize your website using state-of-the-art personalization technology.

From making your eCommerce store smarter and boosting your online sales to delivering a unique tailor-made experience for publishers or finance, e-MARKETER integrates customer experience across website, email and mobile apps.

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Ever visited a place where you feel valuable, your time is honored and your preferences are remembered? e-MARKETER does exactly that. Let’s pleasantly surprise your visitor by delivering an unforgettable personalized online experience.Time to adjust your content and messages to your audience personal needs and desires, rather than just offering a static, generic experience.


Boost conversion rates, total turnover and click-through-rate to new heights with e-MARKETER’s Recommendation Engine. Start today, by delivering relevant experiences through personalized recommendations across the entire visitor journey.


e-MARKETER includes an extended library of user attributes, all of which can be stacked on top of each other as rules in each campaign for more and more specific segmentation.



e-SHOPPER is a comprehensive all in one e-commerce solution ideal for restaurant, cafe, hotel, beach bar owners who want to integrate and improve their services to their clients.

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for catalogs

Are you a business owner of a restaurant, cafe, beach bar or fast food store? Use e-SHOPPER to elevate your business into an online delivery service or create an online menu to abide with the current legislation.

for eCommerce

Whether you own a clothing brand, an electronics or homeware store or want to sell your crafts online, e-SHOPPER provides you with the easiest solution to get started.

for software

Are you an artist, application developer or an author looking to sell your digital goods online? e-SHOPPER makes the process as easy as ABC.



WEDO.SCHOOL is your Virtual School Builder: a comprehensive platform, offering advanced and easy to use e-Learning and Web Conferencing tools.

With WEDO.SCHOOL you can create your own school in less than 3 minutes without the need of code, developers and extra time.

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Learn Online

Enhance your education with on-demand courses, tailored for modern subjects and in-depth learning.

Teach Online

WEDO.SCHOOL gives teachers the necessary tools to create a virtual classroom. Students can join, ask questions and more

Web Conferences

WEDO.SCHOOL provides all the tools for interactive team meetings, tests, webinars and online collaboration.