We're not just another agency.

That’s right – we’re not just another agency. Not that other agencies are bad or anything, but we like to think we’re kinda different. Sure, we may be small, but that makes us fiercely independent and naturally agile.

We choose carefully who we work with, and this is an important part of our process. We believe in nurturing relationships and making the best of our time together.

We’ll be with you through thick and thin.

We offer a tailored approach, for each and every client

Sure, we always consider trends, but believe that every business has very individual needs. Therefore, our clients’ pains are what drive us, and lead all of our decisions. We know that cookie-cutter approaches rarely work, so we always make sure to listen, plan, and act accordingly.

But no – we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. 

Meet our team

We’re smart, creative, data-driven and committed to finding simple, yet effective, solutions to any problem. We’re also an ever-growing team, working with a hand-picked pool of professionals like developers, copywriters, designers, content creators, videographers, photographers and production teams to get things done.

Katerina_Dimitrakopoulou_SCL Mellon
Katerina Dimitrakopoulou

Managing Director & Corporate Lead

Katerina is a digital strategy consultant, trainer, and public speaker. 

She specializes in corporate PR, digital strategy, content marketing, and social media marketing. With over 20 years in the industry, she has planned and delivered digital strategies and tailored activations, and trained teams at companies of all sizes.

Katerina is also instructor at Deree - American College of Greece’s MA in Digital Communication & Social Media, and Head of Digital & Senior Consultant at Touchpoint Strategies.

George_Carey-Simos_SCL Mellon
George Carey-Simos

Head of Digital

George is a digital strategist, consultant, startup advisor, and industry commentator.

He specialises in digital marketing strategies, analytics, industry trends, and growth tactics. As an all-round digital problem-solver - with over 20 years of marcom experience - he helps companies of all sizes use the internet to their advantage.

George is also co-founder and COO of We are Social Media (WeRSM), and sits on a number of judging committees for industry awards in Greece, Cyprus, and further afield.  

George Vasileiou

Head of Creative

George is a creative expert with significant 360° experience in the advertising industry.

He specialises in developing and executing innovative, result-driven creative campaigns in digital, ATL, BTL and beyond. With a proven track record of over 20 years, he excels in fostering creativity and driving captivating projects from conception to completion.

George has worked with countless brands in Greece and abroad, combining creative visions with strategy and the ever-evolving landscape of technology and trends.

Maro Botsiou

Art Director

Maro plays a pivotal role in shaping the visual identity and art direction of our projects, with a passion for transforming ideas into visually stunning realities.

She is responsible for overseeing and managing the visual aspects of each project, ensuring that the artistic and design elements align with the overall goals and objectives.

George_Karystianos_SCL Mellon
George Karystianos

Tech Lead

George is a mathematician, senior developer, and blockchain advocate.

He specialises in software development, headless commerce solutions, and AI personalisation. During his career, he has planned and managed a number of domestic and international projects that benefited from his extensive experience.

George is also founder of blockchain-based augmented reality project, ExplorAR; and e-Marketer.io - an AI personalisation platform for e-commerce sites and publishers.

Maria_Drakopoulou_SCL Mellon
Maria Drakopoulou

Account Manager & Influencer Lead

Maria acts as the link between our team and our clients, making sure we deliver our projects fulfilling their specific requirements.

She also leads the conception, development and execution of our influencer marketing campaigns, identifying suitable influencers across various social media platforms, based on campaign requirements and a brand's fit.

Marinos Kontos

Performance Specialist

Marinos has an important role in our team, ensuring the fluid execution of projects in strict accordance with the clients' performance goals.

Moreover, he is in charge of monthly reporting, carefully delving into data analysis, deciphering intricate trends and strategizing for future performance specialization activities. His analytical skills and forward-thinking approach make him a valuable asset to our team and clients alike.

Katerina_Tzika_SCL Mellon
Katerina Tzika

Web Designer - Developer

Katerina is a web developer who is passionate for creating beautiful websites that follow the latest trends and standards.

She specialises in UI/UX design and gamification, offering also an in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry.

Carlito "The Bosston"

Party Animal

Carlito is our office mascot and emotional support animal. 

Contrary to his job title, he doesn't actually move much and doesn't actually show up to the office that often. When he does, he spends time choosing laps to sleep on or looking super cute.

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