Fashion, Music, and Sports: SCL Mellon’s collaboration with Admiral and Katerina Stikoudi

The latest feather in SCL Mellon’s cap comes in the form of an exclusive collaboration with Admiral, and the multi-talented Greek artist, Katerina Stikoudi. This partnership unfolded in 2023, weaving together the threads of fashion, music, and digital expertise into a tapestry of success.

Admiral's Sporting Legacy Meets Katerina Stikoudi's talent

Admiral, the British brand renowned for its rich sporting legacy, joined forces with Katerina Stikoudi in 2023. The talented artist, known as a singer, actress, TV host, model, and businesswoman, brought her unique charm and talent to Admiral’s campaigns. With a significant career in various realms, including swimming, modeling, television, cinema, and theatre, Katerina Stikoudi was the perfect embodiment of Admiral’s brand values.

An ambassador unlike any other: Katerina Stikoudi for Admiral

SCL Mellon undertook the digital strategy for Admiral’s collaboration with Katerina Stikoudi, creating the action plan for the ambassadorship, including her starring in the Spring/Summer 2023 and the Fall/Winter 2024 collections. Katerina took center stage as the star of Admiral’s New World, a series of opening events for the new Admiral shops around Athens.
The digital campaign designed by SCL Mellon included more than 50 engaging posts, stories, and reels across various digital platforms. Katerina showcased custom Admiral outfits at numerous concerts, capturing the essence of the collaboration.

One unforgettable highlight of this collaboration was Katerina’s performance in Malta at Euro Pride 2023, where Christina Aguilera also performed. SCL Mellon’s digital expertise ensured that this collaboration attracted the attention it deserved, creating a ripple effect across social media platforms.Throughout the last 12 months of our collaboration, Katerina Stikoudi amazed us with her unparalleled professionalism and passion. Her ability to seamlessly transition from the stage to the screen, coupled with her magnetic presence, resonated with Admiral’s values, making her the perfect ambassador for the brand.

SCL Mellon's Influencer Marketing Expertise

SCL Mellon’s expertise in digital strategy, content creation, and audience engagement ensured that Admiral’s collaboration with Katerina Stikoudi reached selected audiences and solidified the brand’s digital presence.

"We would like to thank Admiral for entrusting us with the annual influencer plan and to Katerina Stikoudi, who made this campaign unforgettable. For us, this collaboration remains a shining example of what can be achieved when creativity, talent, and digital expertise meet an iconic brand."

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