Digital Marketing.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is orchestrating all your digital activities to achieve a consistent digital footprint. In the digital world, success is measurable and involves the combination of several individual strategies. By studying current trends in the marketplace and always using the latest technology, we are creating the best digital marketing strategies to promote your online presence to optimize results for your benefit.

Why does your brand need a digital marketing strategy?

Social media, PPC campaigns, performance advertising, search engine optimization, digital PR, content marketing: imagine all of these amazing channels operating in a constant way for your brand. One main message, thousand of creative ways to communicate it; that is what together we will  accomplish with an effective digital strategy.

PPC advertising

Our team collaborates with Google Premium Partners, which are top experts in PPC advertising. As strong advocates for performance marketing, we develop a tailor-made strategy to ensure that your campaign is properly designed, as well as supervise its constant optimization.

SEO services

The visibility of your website in the search engine machines is a key factor to success. Want to find out how to rank higher in Google? In Social Mellon we stay up to date with all the algorithm changes and new developments and provide full On Site and Off Site services that will guarantee the maximum results in rankings.

Online reputation & crisis management

In Social Mellon we firmly believe that the best way to avoid a crisis is to prevent it. Online reputation management nowadays is more important than ever. It may take years to build the reputation of your brand, but it may be destroyed in an instant due to a negative media story or malicious social media comments and reviews.

We offer crisis management and online reputation management services including crisis communications planning & training, media monitoring, and customer relations consultancy

Industry and Competitor Research & Analysis

Understanding the industry within which you operate, is an essential step towards assessing the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses & threats for your brand. Researching your current & potential competitors is an essential part of the corporate strategy and may offer outshine insights for your brand’s strategy.

Why choose Social Mellon?

At Social Mellon we deliver tomorrow’s marketing, today by combining technology, insights, creativity and global digital innovation. We think different because we know that the Internet is changing things at its one pace.

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