2016 Top Social Media Trends

We are already on the second month of 2016 and a big online discussion is taking place concerning the Social Media Trends that will prevail on terms of digital marketing.

Read below Social Mellon’s Top 5 Social Media Trends:

  1. Identify your target audience

Sounds like a cliché, but things have really changed! Young people are leaving Facebook for more attractive Social Media channels like Snapchat and Instagram. After all, who wants to engage with her own mother? So, if your brand is dealing with people up to the age of 25, you have to do better than Facebook. Instagram is now offering advertising options through Facebook and bloggers are the best online opinion leaders for youth brands!

  1. Shop now button

The goal is simple, yet essential: to reduce as much as possible the clicks which lead to conversion! If you can sell directly from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest then it’s a win-win situation. Customers easily find attractive and interesting products and brands are taking advantage of all the new features to connect with audiences. Current predictions foreseen that social media advertising will generate up to $11 billion in revenue by 2017, certifying that browsing is slowly turning into purchasing.

  1. More mobile than ever

I know what you are thinking; we said the same last year. True, but mobile is still a mighty king! Mobile e-commerce is monopolizing the interest of digital marketers and CEOs really start to allocate their budget towards clever mobile campaigns.

  1. Make it more interesting than ever

No one likes to get bored, no one has plenty of time to read thousands of words and no one is interesting to search online for the hidden meaning. Trust me, they would read poetry instead. So make sure your branded content is appealing, to the point, short, smart and worth sharing. Invest on new features like instant articles and produce attractive videos. The choices are so many: YouTube, Vine, Facebook, Periscope, Digg… Offer your audience something worth sharing with a friend or teach them something new!

  1. Influencer marketing

Remember that teenager with over 90,000 followers you accidently run into last time you logged on Instagram? Guess what! He may be the next influencer for your brand. Influencer marketing has been identified by global brands for some time, yet excitement is still low. Most brands still find hard to accept that tweets may be identified as KPIs. True story: influencer marketing is not a magical tool; however integration is the key to success. Create an amazing product or service, build your reputation and when the time is right, add a powerful influencer to your strategy.

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