Women’s entrepreneurship and digital transformation: challenges and opportunities

At SCL Mellon, equality  is one of the basic values of our identity.

It was a great pleasure for us to attend the ELSA Athens conference, which took place on March 4, 2023, at Auditorium Theo Angelopoulos at French Institute of Athens, entitled  “Women and Democracy,”. The goal of the conference was to emphasize the challenges that women face but also the steps that still need to be taken to ensure full equality.

Our Managing Director, Katerina Dimitrakopoulou, had the honor to address a new generation of lawyers. Her aim was to highlight the importance of women’s entrepreneurship and digital transformation, and opportunities ahead. In her presentation, Katerina discussed the challenges women face every day in terms of professional encouragement, equal treatment and salary, and social stereotypes in the media. She also highlighted the growth rates of women in business, as well as in senior management positions.

She shared that nowadays 55.4% of lawyers, 66.4% of judges and 83.9% of other professionals are women. These statistics are evidence of the progress that has been made in terms of gender equality in the legal profession. Moreoverin the future, businesses will have an even greater need for legal advisors who understand the technology and challenges of the modern world. 

In addition to discussing the challenges women face, Katerina also highlighted the opportunities available to women in the legal profession. She emphasized that women have unique skills, such as empathy and the ability to multitask, which make them excellent lawyers. She encouraged young women to pursue careers in the legal profession and to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Finally, Katerina’s presentation was a reminder of the important role women play in democracy. Women have fought for their rights for centuries, and they continue to do so today. However, there is still work to be done to ensure that women have full equality in all aspects of society. Events like the ELSA Athens conference are important because they bring attention to the issues women face and inspire young people to continue the fight for equality.

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