Introducing e-Marketer: the digital arrow in your marketing quiver!

Imagine shopping in a store where your personal preferences are remembered and you feel special and appreciated. Or reading your favorite magazine where the front page is surprisingly issuing all subjects you are mostly interested to! E-Marketer has the tools to do it for your business.

Wholly owned by iDecima, a startup based in Athens, Greece, e-Marketer revolutionizes your costumer’s journey and boosts conversions to the top.

Social Mellon is offering a variety of services from designing the brand identity to producing the website content and social media strategy for e-Marketer, as a strategic partner to iDecima and we are extremely happy for our new project.

e-Marketer is a complete personalization platform which provides every tool you need to get higher results from your website or eCommerce store and increase your sales. It follows customer experience across website, emails, and mobile apps using state-of-the-art personalization technology.

e-MARKETER at a glance:

Personalization Engine:

e-Marketer offers a diverse set of tools and sophisticated widgets in order to personalize the content of the customer’s journey, from landing page to email drip.

Recommendation engine:

You can improve readership and increase sales by generating highly personal recommendations using predictions gleaned from your website’s data.

Optimization engine:

With A/B testing and more you can optimize your conversions, tailor and serve the best content and experience by testing every touch-point of the customer’s journey in your website.

Targeting engine:

Through an extended library of user attributes based on a variety of real-time and past consumer behaviors, you can communicate with targeted messages, promotions, and content to your visitors and drive high conversion and engagement.

Dynamic landing page:

Without the necessity of having a big range of landing pages for different segments you can create personalized landing pages which dynamically adjust to visitor’s interests, using AI-generated recommendations and more than 20 special widgets.

e-Marketer is here to give power to the non-technical marketer to succeed. Therefore, every campaign includes a step-by-step wizard to guide you through the process of cross-channel personalization, as well as industry best practice responsive templates.

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