Palso & Social Mellon launch “#PalsoGoesGreen” a new awareness campaign

The new awareness campaign of Palso for 2020 aims at raising consciousness on how we can actively contribute to the protection of the environment and improve our life quality.

For the #PalsoGoesGreen awareness campaign Social Mellon took a multichannel approach featuring both online and offline marketing activations. We communicate our main message via numerous touchpoints including the website, social media and the Palso Language Centers all over Greece.

During the next 6 months we will focus on providing accurate information about climate changes, encourage recycling and promote environmental volunteering activities among the students and the students of all 40 Palso Associations, via blog posts, social media content, videos, seminars and interactive activities.

Moreover, a series of webinars by WWF Hellas is organized for the members of the Federation as part of the internal campaign.

Palso goes green posterSocial Mellon and Palso

The PALSO Federation is the most prestigious appellate body which includes 40 member Associations of Language School Owners in Greece. Palso has been successfully conducting foreign language exams (LAAS, NOCN and Language Cert exams.) since its inception, while actively supporting the interests of the owners of its Foreign Language Schools.

Sharing the same vision with Palso in raising awareness upon social issues provides us with a unique opportunity to be part of this great project.

Social Mellon’s three years collaboration with Palso certifies our expertise in Digital Marketing for the education field and we are looking forward to many more.

After all, “Together, we can do more”.


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