Business Elements corporate website: Lean in to Excellence

Social Mellon in collaboration with I-decima, a development and software solutions company, designed and developed the corporate website of Business Elements.

Business Elements specializes in improving business productivity and provides businesses in various industries reorganization services. As a result, companies take advantage of modern methodologies like lean and six sigma and strengthen their competitiveness.

Social Mellon collaborated with Business Elements in order to identify how the philosophy, company experience and services were to be efficiently communicated. We optimized the content and designed the website according to the latest trends and ensure its performance with onsite SEO services.

In Social Mellon we offer a variety of services; from brand identity design and website development to content creation and efficient onsite and offsite SEO services.

Interested in how to improve your company’s productivity? Learn more:

In Business Elements corporate website, you can navigate to:

  • Business consulting services such as Business reengineering, ERP project management, software improvement and ISO services
  • Lean services which aim to minimize losses and increase productivity using techniques such as Kaizen, Six Sigma and SMED
  • Lean Factory product and features
  • Business Elements projects and news

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