Social Mellon: Proud supporter of ELLOK (Hellenic Cancer Federation)

Social Mellon proudly supported Hellenic Cancer Federation (ELLOK) by offering a webinar on Digital fundraising and e-mail marketing on the 23rd of June 2020.  The training webinar aimed at strengthening the knowledge and skills of the federation’s members in digital fundraising, digital communications and email marketing.

Hellenic Cancer Federation invests in its members’ training and skills development and encourages education while meeting the federation’s vision for a complete care for patients with cancer and survivors. Through this digital training participants gained knowledge on how to adapt effectively in their demanding role as citizens and members of their Associations throughout Greece. Participants also had the opportunity to get a better understanding of the advantages of new technologies, learn how to manage information received through their digital assets, develop their communication skills and organize their own collaborative activities.

Social Mellon had the honor and pleasure to participate at the 4th part of this series of webinars, as part of its CSR activities covering the subject of Digital Fundraising.

The content of the Digital Fundraising webinar at a glance:

  • Website: Best practices in designing an effective for fundraising website in 2020 with low cost and a perfect fundraising landing page.
  • E-mail marketing: Effective techniques on creating successful newsletters and communicating our message with our audience and donors
  • Audience development and building: identify the right audience and segment it effectively
  • Best practices and advisory on platforms and opportunities in digital fundraising

Participants raised interesting questions to Katerina Dimitrakopoulou, managing director of Social Mellon and showed great enthusiasm on how to create successful fundraising campaigns and use effectively web platforms tailored to their needs.

It was a pleasure for us to undertake for one more time a digital fundraising training addressing the needs of non-profit organizations transmitting our knowledge and experience in digital fundraising for nonprofits.

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