5 Reasons Why Running a Marathon Leads to Successful Branding

Recently, I decided to sign-up and run in my very first marathon. I quickly realized, after formulating the perfect running schedule, that training for a marathon has similar qualities to create a successful brand. Each and every day I wake up early, slip on my running shoes, and set out with a goal in mind.

What to do – Step by step

  1. Discipline yourself to stick with a schedule

    Unless you are an avid runner, training for a marathon takes a great deal of time and discipline. Finding the time to run four to five times a week can be quite difficult in our busy lives, but similarly to creating a successful brand, proper scheduling and sticking to a plan regardless of the circumstances can differentiate success from failure.

  2. Have patience

    Success does not happen overnight. Running a marathon requires patience, not only with your body but also with your mind. Regular marathon runners will tell you that running a marathon is largely mental. Similarly to running, remaining patient, even when unexpected detours cross our path, plays a large role in developing a successful brand.

  3. Engage your competitive spirit

    Being overly competitive can sometimes get a bad reputation, but in the world of running being competitive is crucial for success. Some runners train to take the gold, whereas others train to compete with themselves. Regardless of the purpose, it is important to engage your competitive running spirit. Building a brand means standing above the rest. If a company lacks a competitive edge, then it will be quite difficult to finish the race.

  4. Be adaptable

    In order to create an image or brand, many companies are now investing their time and effort into social media. The difference with social media and traditional media when building a brand is that now anyone can create instant feedback. This makes adaptability more important than ever. Brands must be able to alter their strategies, or create a response with minimal time. As a runner, there are many factors that can create road bumps along the way. Whether it is an injury, or an unexpected weather change, it is necessary to be prepared to adapt to unpredictable surroundings.

  5. Make everything meaningful

    On a day-to-day basis, we are now bombarded by hundreds of messages. Many of which, will not be remembered. In order to create a brand that successfully stands above the rest, it is key to construct meaningful messages that are in line with the company’s mission. Just like branding, it is important to make every run meaningful. What is going to push you to wake up while everyone is sleeping, put on those running shoes, and set out on a mission?

At Social Mellon, we aim to create structured, but meaningful communication strategies that are adaptable in a competitive environment. Our focus is to always deliver unique branding strategies that will give our clients the competitive edge to stand above their greatest competitors and have successful branding.

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