5 reasons why a travel PR agency rocks

Here at Social Mellon we are all part of a passionate PR team, but each one of us plays a unique role in each campaign we create. While we may not be direct employees, we work together in a fruitful collaboration, share concepts and support each other in the same way we would as colleagues. Coming from different backgrounds we made a strategic decision to found the inventive travel PR agency in Greece with a specialized expertise in the travel industry.

Here are the main reasons why we are the best solution if your brand belongs to the travel, tourism or hospitality sector:

1. Travel and communication is our passion

So cliché but true: you have to love what you do to do it right! We combine our professional expertise with the one thing that money can buy, and it makes you “reach”: traveling. We first listen to you, analyze your business and then design tailor made campaigns to meet your objectives.

2. We have great experience working with international travel brands

In the past years we have been working for international hotel chains, leading hotels and global online travel agencies (OTAs). This qualifies our team as experts with valuable experience, especially in terms of digital marketing and social media. Consumers nowadays are most likely to book their air tickets, hotels or make reservations online, therefore the fact that we are digitally oriented is a significant competitive advantage.

3. We have an intercultural approach towards tourism

The tourism and hospitality industry heavily depends on the intelligent understanding of cultures and mentalities. You do not address all visitors the same ways and you don’t play the same messages throughout every medium. As communicators, with high emotional intelligence, we can fully identify cultural differences and adjust your message appropriately.

4. Corporate Communication, Internal PR or Business to Consumer: integration is key

Either you address other companies, you want to engage your employees on a project, or you are directly reaching consumers, at Social Mellon we believe that integration is the key to successful results. Understanding your audience first and choosing the most efficient channels to send your message is our springboard, when designing your campaign.

5. Destination branding

Destination is a very important element. Long research has proved that in most cases travelers first choose destination in terms of country, then city and then hotel. In Social Mellon, as a travel PR agency, we believe that the place where your business is located, is prominent for your campaign, therefore we propose conceptual campaigns that integrate local activities and events with your business.

Are you in travel, tourism or hospitality sector and interested in finding out more? Contact us and we’ll set up a meeting.

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