How travelling increases creativity in content generation

Recently, I took a trip to the island of Crete. On the second to last day, a friend and I decided to take one last camping trip to a beach south of Iraklio. The beach had been recommended to us by a woman who worked at a nearby hotel. When we arrived, the afternoon was spent relaxing and exploring underwater caves. As the sun began to set and the wind began to pick up, we realized that we needed to find a spot to camp before the sun went down; however, all the good spots were taken. We were ready to give up, when a woman approached us and asked if we were looking for a place to camp. She informed us that in the distance, we could climb up a steep hill and find a cave to sleep in. She said, “There the wind won’t bother you, the sun won’t hit you in the morning, and you will have the perfect view of the full moon later on this evening.”

When the woman from the hotel had recommended this beach, she had also mentioned a story about a German woman who lived in a cave, and had been living there for 15 years. So when this woman recommended the cave to us, my friend proceeded to ask her if that was the cave in which the German woman lives. The woman seemed intrigued by this question and asked what else we had heard. We had also heard that she is an artist and sells paintings for a living. The woman smiled and said, “that’s me.”

Although there were a million questions I wanted to ask her, the sun was setting and we needed to hurry to our cave. Just as she had said, there the wind didn’t bother us, the sun didn’t hit us in the morning, and we had the perfect view of the full moon that evening. Now, I know what you may be thinking, “How does this story about a woman living in a cave relate to creative content generating?” Here is how:

  1. Changing your work environment will bring new ideas

I’m not suggesting that everyone should go live in a cave, but as an artist, this woman is able to find inspiration in her natural surroundings. We can all find inspiration when we pull ourselves out of the office and discover new parts of the world.

  1. Eliminating unnecessary distractions will help you focus

Finding a place where you can have a clear mind and gather your thoughts could be the key to consistent creativity. Whether it’s swimming in underwater caves in Greece, or hiking a mountain, a new environment can lead to a new approach to creating quality content.

  1. Unique adventures will help generate unique content

Just as my adventure generated this blog, your adventure could generate creative, unique content for your business.


In order to create quality content that will catch the viewer’s eye, it is important to give your work a unique edge. When is the last time you stepped out of the office and opened your eyes to new possibilities? At Social Mellon, we thrive on creativity sparked by our own experiences and adventures. Contact us today and find out how our expertise can be your solution.

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