Kappa x ARIS FC: A Showcase of SCL Mellon’s 360° Marketing Expertise

At SCL Mellon, we pride ourselves on being a digital-first agency, but our capabilities extend far beyond the digital realm. Our recent collaboration with Kappa and ARIS FC is a testament to our comprehensive 360-degree marketing approach. This unique event in Thessaloniki highlighted our ability to integrate branding, digital marketing, sponsorship management, and event planning into a seamless strategy.

Bringing Kappa’s Legacy to Thessaloniki

Kappa, the renowned Italian sportswear brand with a rich history in football, joined forces with ARIS FC to create an unforgettable event in the heart of Thessaloniki. The event, held at the Admiral store on Karamanli Avenue, was designed to celebrate Kappa’s ongoing partnership with ARIS FC, now in its second year. At SCL Mellon, we played a pivotal role in orchestrating this event to create an experience that resonated with fans and showcased Kappa’s brand in the best possible light.

Strategic Branding and Sponsorship Management

One of the key elements of our 360-degree strategy is effective branding and sponsorship management. For the Kappa x ARIS FC event, we focused on highlighting the synergy between the two brands. Kappa’s iconic Omini logo, symbolizing support and equality, was prominently featured throughout the event, reinforcing the brand’s core values.

Engaging Digital Marketing Campaigns

While the event itself was a physical experience, our digital marketing efforts played a crucial role in driving awareness and engagement. Leading up to the event, we launched a digital campaign across social media platforms, including reels with ARIS players, radio ads, email marketing, and mobile marketing. Our goal was to generate buzz and excitement, encouraging fans to attend the event and engage with the Kappa brand.

On the day of the event, we provided live updates and coverage through social media, ensuring that those who couldn’t attend in person still felt part of the experience. This real-time engagement helped to amplify the event’s reach and impact, further solidifying Kappa’s presence in the market. The post-event publicity included over 50 media hits in TIER 1 media all over Greece.

Thessaloniki, we love you!

The highlight of our collaboration was the event itself, where ARIS FC’s players, including Manu Garcia, Julian Cuesta, Loren Morón, and Giannis Fetfatzidis, interacted with fans, signed autographs, and posed for photos. Our team at SCL Mellon was on the ground, managing every aspect of the event to ensure it ran smoothly. From coordinating with the venue to managing crowd control and overseeing the autograph sessions and on-site giveaways, we created a memorable event for sports fans.

Comprehensive Retail Strategy

At SCL Mellon, we believe in the power of a 360ο marketing strategy. Our work with Kappa is based on a comprehensive retail strategy, as we undertake a multi-channel approach to drive brand loyalty and sales. Our aim is to seamlessly integrate branding, digital marketing, sponsorship management, and event planning to create memorable experiences that drive results.

PS:  The custom jerseys and all Kappa’s collection products are available online at admiralsports.shop, the ARIS boutique, and through Admiral’s network of 130 stores. 

A special thank you to Touchpoint Strategies for their support and collaboration in making the Kappa x ARIS FC event a resounding success.

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