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“Small in the new Big”: An interview with Katerina Dimitrakopoulou, Managing Director of SCL Mellon

  1. Tell us a few words about your professional career. Education, employment and recruitment? Could you tell us a bit about your background and career journey?


I took a unique route, starting with a degree in design and a role as a magazine editor. Later, I found my true calling in communications and digital marketing, which reshaped my career path.


  1. What inspired the creation of SCL Mellon?


I started working with social media in 2009 out of personal interest, and at the same time the financial crisis prompted me to change industries and start working at a performance marketing agency. Upon completion of my studies, starting my own agency emerged as a natural progression of my path in the industry, so SCL Mellon was founded.


  1. A few words about your team, the dynamics and the elements that each of them brings to the company and the customers?


George Carey-Simos, Head of Digital is a highly experienced executive with a successful career in Greece and abroad. He brings to the team his valuable expertise in various aspects of our work. George Vassiliou, Head of Creative is one of the most experienced executives in the market, with more than 20 years of career in Greek advertising and. Combined with my strategic communications background, we offer a robust service mix that benefits any business.

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  1. How is the digital marketing landscape evolving today? New technological tools, different needs and specialization? 


The industry’s constant evolution is thrilling. Technological tools, especially those leveraging AI, are rapidly advancing, necessitating a new breed of digital marketers. Today’s professionals need comprehensive understanding and adaptability, not just technical skills. AI will simplify technical tasks, emphasizing the need for strategic and critical thinking.


Let me give you an example that I think is typical. In the past, a performance marketing expert needed to set up intricate advertising campaigns with complex targeting. But as AI-powered platforms become easier in technical matters – for example by automatically combining ad messages in selected audiences according to their interests – we need a different breed of digital marketers. Executives with the ability of heightened critical perception, with the ability to evaluate what kind of display tools each business needs, and with the ability to adapt immediately to new technologies that will emerge for the benefit of our customers will be valuable. 


  1. Tell us some best practices from your work, indicative of some clients, services and competitive advantage you believe you have in the marketplace? 


At SCL Mellon, we work with successful companies across various industries, including insurance, real estate, retail, consulting services, education and more. We work with our clients primarily as consultants, and not just as implementers.This means we develop strategies collaboratively, propose ideas tailored to each company’s immediate needs, and remain flexible and responsive to any changes or new developments.Our services include Digital Strategy Consulting, Creative Services, Social Media Strategy & Management, Influencer Marketing, Web Development, e-Commerce Strategy, Data Reporting & Analytics or Performance. Our strength is our ability to responsibly propose the most beneficial service combinations and avoiding trendy but ineffective solutions.


We are set apart by 2 things. The first is that we are digital-first experts, but our key executives have vast experience in 360 – that’s why we can design integrated campaigns in the digital environment, which can ‘open up’ conceptually and embrace many different issues in an integrated way.


The second is that we choose to be a boutique agency because we believe that… Small is the new Big. When the client is dealing with a relatively small and very specialized team, overall there is better control, direct communication and infinite time saved in processes.


  1. Are there challenges for women in leadership positions today regarding habits, diversity, inclusion? Are more tailor made processes needed today? What do you think? 


Of course, there are challenges. The key is how we address them. There is a constant pressure in leadership positions and for women, yes it is even more so. Mainly because they traditionally shoulder more responsibilities in the family. Furthermore the cliché of work – life balance is utopian because of course you can have/combine everything – but not at the same time. So it is a given that when you are growing your company you cannot be present 24/7 for your children, just as it is a fact that, during periods of increased family responsibilities, you can’t be fully dedicated to your work.

You need a strong support system, delegation, prioritization, resilience and perseverance.Changes can range from establishing policies such as working remotely, to providing training or mentoring opportunities.

  1. What is the role of continuous training (reskilling, upskilling, etc.) and how do technological transformation and a people-centered approach go together? 


Alongside SCL Mellon, I have been teaching digital marketing and social media to professionals, businesses and NGOs for the last 8 years, while mentoring aspiring female entrepreneurs. Having trained more than 1,000 executives in the Greek market, I can assure you that without continuous training there simply won’t be any of us in the market in the next 5 years. Fortunately, in this day and age any person who really aims to learn and grow has endless opportunities, even for free, precisely thanks to technology, such as online courses, podcasts, e-books, videos. 

Education is also a top priority for our team at SCL Mellon. We hold monthly training sessions throughout the year, focusing primarily on AI, content production, and new tools.


  1. What are the company’s objectives for 2024?


I personally see each year as part of the process that allows us to grow in a healthy way, do great business and continually build our reputation in the market. We aim  to maintain our passion for targeted and meaningful communication, nurture our curiosity to discover innovations that can benefit our clients, and keep on creating great projects for our clients.

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