Social Mellon proudly supports the campaign #KINISIZOIS for SYZOI’s children

This Christmas Social Mellon proudly supports the digital fundraising campaign and mission of the non-profit charitable association “SYZOI”. It gives us strength and power to become part of the mission #KINISIZOIS in which SYZOI aims at gathering 23.000€ in order to purchase a special van for the transportation of visually impaired persons with additional disabilities in daily basis to the special Care Centre and offer them education and the care they need.

“SYZOI” is a non-profit charitable Association in Thessaloniki operating since April 2007. It consists of parents and friends of visually impaired children (partial or total vision loss) with additional disabilities (mental disabilities, autism, neurological disorders, motor and sensory problems, etc.) and offers quality living, development and education to our children. The name of the association (SYZOI) means “co-living” and expresses the belief that visually impaired children with additional disabilities should live together with all the others in an inclusive society.

Social Mellon supports the campaign Life Movement for SYZOI’s children by producing a Social Media video and promoting it in Social Media and inviting all our partners to make their donation. Social Mellon proudly supports the mission of nonprofit organizations through its expertize in digital fundraising.

The Christmas spirit for us is using our expertise for a good cause. Let’s do this all together!

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