Digital Fundraising for NGOs: Best Practices in 6 hours by Social Mellon to Social Dynamo

On October the 26th and 27th, 2020 Social Mellon had the pleasure to deliver a webinar for Digital Fundraising entitled “Digital Fundraising for NGOs: Best Practices in 6 hours”. The training was organized by Social Dynamo -a joint initiative of the  Bodossaki Foundation and the City of Athens- and was held online. As fundraising is vital for the existence of nonprofit organizations to fulfil their mission, we presented a variety of digital opportunities, tools and best practices so that they deliver successful digital fundraising campaigns.

More than 45 members of Civil Society organizations in Greece attended the two days training participating actively with interesting questions and creative ideas. The webinar addressed mainly employees and members of Greek NGOs who deal with fundraising and communication matters. The participants had the opportunity to get a better understanding of digital and mobile opportunities in digital fundraising, learn how to develop a successful digital strategy using effectively diverse digital channels and increase their audience. Moreover, the participants had the opportunity to get useful feedback and insights by the instructor, Katerina Dimitrakopoulou, managing director of Social Mellon during the workshop that took place on the second day of the training.

Main topics of Social Mellon’s Digital Fundraising e-training


  • Digital Fundraising: What is it and why we need it
  • Main Digital Fundraising channels: website, e-mail marketing, social media, sms
  • Best practices for websites regarding Digital Fundraising
  • Building a Digital Fundraising strategy in 5 steps


  • Best practices and out of the box creative ideas for Digital Fundraising
  • Fundraising digital platforms
  • Workshop: create your own messages, build your strategy for an online fundraising campaign for your organization
  • Presentations and feedback

This is the 3rd year Social Mellon is collaborating with Social Dynamo, offering Civil Society organizations tailored trainings in order to improve their knowledge in digital marketing tools, strengthen their digital communication skills and increase their perspectives through digital fundraising.

This training followed the capacity building training with title Social Media for NGO: from theory to practice in 6 hours.


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