Interview to Think Big: Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing

On the 18th of October we had the pleasure to talk about Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing and eMarketer platform opportunities for modern business to Maria Akrivou and Think Big.

Katerina Dimitrakopoulou, managing director of Social Mellon gave answers and tips on questions such as: How AI and machine learning change the scene in digital marketing? How the personalized content can change the user experience? What is the future of e-commerce and why businesses must invest in the digital trainings for their employees?

Katerina Diitrakopoulou - AI interview

She highlighted the importance of having a solid Digital Marketing strategy and the importance of digital marketing experts for AI.

Speaking about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the interview also highlighted the features of, our comprehensive platform that boosts sales in e-commerce and engagement for publishers.

Watch the full interview about Artificial Intelligence anf Digital Marketing at Think Big YouTube channel

The interview was hosted also on NEWIDEAS and FORTUNE GREECE

It was our pleasure to share trends and new tech ideas in digital marketing and we would like to thank Think Big for giving us this opportunity.

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