e-Marketer.io at the 9th e-Business & Social Media Conference

E-Marketer platform was among the main sponsors of the 9th e-Business & Social Media Conference that took place on 23-25 September and was organized by e-businessworld.

Katerina Dimitrakopoulou, managing director of Social Mellon, presented the features of e-MARKETER at a speech entitled: e-Marketer.io: Martech today with tools from the future.

e-Marketer.io: Martech today with tools from the future

“The result of the pandemic changed completely the way we think.  Technologies that were perceived as sophisticated entered dynamically the decision making process, while new words such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and algorithms came up during meetings and web conferences.

While the global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.8 billion by 2021, specialists claim that 80% of all customer interactions will be driven by AI technology.

The new trend is called AI and Machine learning. AI technology improves substantially the User Experience and increases brand awareness especially in e-commerce it raises marketing standards even higher.

It becomes so real nowadays what Stephen Hawking, said, that “the success of Artificial Intelligence will be the biggest and probably the last one in human history, if people don’t learn to avoid risks”.

The risk in the medical or financial sector is obvious, but what about e-commerce? Can something go wrong in e-commerce?

“Dear Amazon, I bought a toilet seat because I needed one. Necessity, no desire. I do not collect them. I am not a toilet seat addict. No matter how temptingly you e-mail me, I am not going to think: oh, go on then, just one more toilet seat, I ‘ll treat myself.”

This famous tweet shows us clearly what can happen if we leave AI to act alone without human intervention to set the rules.

In e-MARKETER we do not believe in magic AI recipes but we do believe in combined solutions. When AI is combined with an exceptional marketing, state of art technology and a passionate team, then the results can be unprecedented.

e-Marketer features and algorithms

e-Marketer is a comprehensive platform which improves the overall performance of an e-shop introducing 4 effective tools using state-of-the-art personalization technology:

  • Personalization: we offer personalized content
  • Recommendation: using AI and machine learning technology we offer targeted recommendations
  • Targeting: we use revolutionary criteria for targeting
  • Optimization: we improve systematically the results with constant Α/Β testing

We have 47 different algorithms for recommendations in home page, category, product page, error search page, thank you and newsletters. They range from the most well known such as: most popular, new in category, best seller, trending now etc, to more advanced such as:  bought with recent purchase, similar products, viewed together in category, bought together, and decision making algorithms with prediction capabilities.

We test regularly out of the box templates with optimizing messaging ideas and we combine them with social proof and urgency campaigns.

Moreover, with more than 70 smart targeting criteria (demographics, session attributes etc.) we are able to find multiple ways to implement every target of your strategy.

The two main steps we follow are: First, we collect and analyze all data from all sources: from the web: collecting data from history as well as real time data, from mobile: with data from physical stores such us loyalty programes, weather broadcasting and of course from CRM and ERP data. Second, we activate strategic actions in web, mobile and email.

We can even connect with Google Analytics and any other 3rd party tool through API or webhook and run Google & social media campaigns. To put it simply, we have the capacity to connect, analyze, evaluate and implement strategies that can lead us to even send a newsletter that says: Good morning Katerina, today in Thessaloniki will probably rain. Do you want to check the new raincoat from your favorite brand?”

We know very well that by combining marketing and technology can offer martech solutions which will increase the revenue for the business.

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