“Social Media and Digital Fundraising for NGOs” 2021: webinar series for Social Dynamo

Social Mellon’s ongoing collaboration with Social Dynamo -a joint initiative of the Bodossaki Foundation – is a project we love! Our managing Partner, Katerina Dimitrakopoulou was the instructor at a series of webinars for nonprofits about social media and digital fundraising. The training was especially tailored for Greek nonprofit organizations.

Social media provides a great opportunity for nonprofits to present their work to the outside world and communicate with their supporters, their stakeholders and the media interested in their work. Understanding the use of this social and interactive side helps nonprofits to engage with their audience and discover new ways to expand gaining at the same time a digital presence.

In 2021 Social Mellon presented a series of five webinars for nonprofits addressing two audiences:

  • Members of organizations which are members of The Active Citizens Fund
  • Civil society organizations, communication managers, social media managers and members who want to better understand the value and potential of social media

Social Mellon Digital Marketing for NGOs 2021 webinars for nonprofits calendar

Content Creation for Social Media

May, 19th: Social Media for NGOs: content creation

May, 26th: Social Media για ΜΚΟ: δημιουργία περιεχομένου – For members of ACF

Social Media platforms offer a wide range of possibilities for nonprofit organizations from delivering their message and mission to developing their audience. COVID-19 revealed the importance of the digital presence especially through Social Media. At the webinar entitled “Social Media for NGOs: Content Creation” we presented best practices, effective ways and Free content creation tools for effective digital communication. We focused on how organizations should know which is their target audience in order to build and develop it through the right content. Then, we presented the post types like images, videos, carousel etc., how to use the Creator Studio, Facebook’s posting tool as well as the importance of Facebook reporting through Facebook Insights. Finally, we talked about content: copies and creatives. We showed best copywriting practices and we explored Canva so that participants create successful creatives such as visuals and videos for their posts.

All about Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for NGOs

May, 20th: Social Media for NGOs: Instagram, LinkedIn και Twitter

May, 27th: Social Media for NGOs: Instagram, LinkedIn και Twitter – For members of ACF

At the webinar entitled “Social Media for NGOs: Instagram, LinkedIn και Twitter” we presented the Social Media platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and how they can become useful for the digital presence of NGOs.

  • We analyzed the reasons that make Instagram the ideal platform for GEN Z and how it is ideal to build a nonprofit’s visual identity and engage effectively with their audience.  Moreover, we presented the post types and how frequently should nonprofits post. We shared best practices of copywriting and effective creatives.
  • We presented the advantages of adding LinkedIn in nonprofits’ social media strategy. We presented best practices of established NGOs and the opportunities it offers for networking and establishing expertise.
  • Finally, we presented in which cases Twitter works best for nonprofits analyzing its identity and presenting best practices.

At the end, participants had the opportunity to experiment on how to create content videos for their nonprofit organization using Lumen 5 tool. At the end Katerina Dimitrakopoulou gave them her feedback upon their creations.

Digital Fundraising for nonprofits

June, 15th: Digital Fundraising for nonprofits: the best tactics Part A

June, 16th: Digital Fundraising for nonprofits: the best tactics Part B

June, 24th: Digital Fundraising for nonprofits: the best tactics (part A) – For members of ACF

June, 25th: Digital Fundraising for nonprofits: the best tactics (part B) – For members of ACF

At the webinar entitled “Digital Fundraising for nonprofits: the best tactics” (part A & B) participants who deal with communication and fundraising gained a fundamental knowledge on digital marketing fundraising features and possibilities. They got informed about, best practices and case studies targeted to NGOs and learned how to build their digital fundraising campaigns step by step.

The two days webinars analyzed the topics below:

  • Digital Fundraising: what it is and why we need it
  • Digital Fundraising Channels
  • Digital Fundraising: Best Practices for the website
  • Digital Fundraising Strategy in 5 steps
  • Digital Fundraising: Best practices and advice
  • Donation platforms


Social Mellon and tailored digital marketing webinars for nonprofits

This year’s webinars were a real source of inspiration and knowledge regarding social media for the participating NGOs. All participants not only did they improved their knowledge but also, they could have insightful answers by the instructor to their questions.

It was our pleasure to collaborate for one more time with Social Dynamo following the successful trainings in Cyprus and Athens for three consecutive years on order to share all latest trends and give updated trends for successful digital fundraising campaigns to the participants.

If you want to improve your social media strategy for your nonprofit or company or you want organize a social media campaign for first time, contact us (link). We are more than excited to share our knowledge about Social Media.


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