The Importance of Digital Consultancies in a Post-COVID World

During the COVID19 pandemic, a growing number of businesses around the globe have started relying more and more on the internet to market and sell their products or services.

This led to a huge increase in the demand for digital services which, in turn, has brought an increase in the number of specialist freelancers, digital agencies of various sizes, and job openings for competent in-house executives.

All these businesses are constantly seeking effective strategies to maintain a healthy digital presence and make great returns on their investments in the digital space. This is easier said than done, especially if businesses lack experience or a “digital” culture or mindset.

This is where digital consultancies can really help.


Why Hire a Digital Consultancy?

While there certainly isn’t a shortage in freelancers or agencies, it’s become increasingly difficult for businesses to find the right professionals or agencies to work with. This is partly due to the fact that they often can’t accurately diagnose and analyze the gaps they have – or identify the partners or steps that will help them succeed in the digital world.

A frequent example we come across often, is a business believing it needs one thing, when it actually needs something else. For example, a business owner might think his / her business needs to get on social media, when, in fact, it would benefit from a new website.

Digital consultants are executives specialized in helping businesses of different sizes evaluate current efforts and align future activities with business goals using the latest trends and best practices.

Among other things, digital consultants aim to help businesses leverage data and technology to create real value, and discover the path that’s right for them in an ever-changing digital environment.


4 Reasons to Hire a Digital Consultant

An internal team knows a business’ needs, its challenges, and every other aspect of its day-to-day processes. So, why would a business with experienced in-house executives hire external consultants?

Here are four great reasons:

  1. Objectivity – One of the best reasons for working with a digital consultant is clarity and objectivity. A digital consultant evaluates the data that is made available, observes and analyzes a situation honestly, and should offer solutions without being swayed by fear or internal politics.
  2. Specialization – Working with digital consultants will allow you to deal with individuals who are experts in different digital marketing areas, and will suggest focused solutions that are relevant, timely, and within budget.
  3. ROI – With digital consulting services you will ensure the highest possible return on your investment. A digital consultancy will guide a business on how to maximize the ROI of all activities, depending on underlying goals, by measuring profitability from a range of chosen performance indicators.
  4. Cost – Time is a commodity that is not bought, but saved. A digital consultant’s skills and focused approach should guarantee that problems are fixed quickly, and the suggested solutions are tried and tested.



The ideal scenario is for an experienced digital consultancy to work with a dedicated in-house team. That way a business can improve its digital presence, one step at a time, using know- how, ideas, and implementation experience, while also ensuring accurate information is provided and realistic goals attained.
It is certain that everything we now know will change in the future, with metaverse, artificial intelligence, constant algorithm changes, new platforms, and new technologies. Therefore, the sooner businesses start transitioning, the better it will be for them in the long run.

At Social Mellon, we have the expertise and tools necessary to assist businesses of all sizes take the next big step into digital.

Contact us to start building your digital future together.

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