“Travel Further” with Allianz Global Assistance and SCL Mellon’s Award-Winning Campaign

We are thrilled to share our latest achievement – a Bronze Award in the Finance and Insurance category at Boussias Communications’ 2023 Social Media Awards. Discover how our innovative campaign inspired travelers to venture beyond their comfort zones with the peace of mind afforded by Allianz Global Assistance’s travel insurance products.

The Challenge: Traveling Beyond Boundaries

Our journey began when we partnered with Allianz Partners, one of the world’s largest insurance and assistance companies. Our objectives were clear:

  • Raise awareness for its commercial brand Allianz Global Assistance and the brand’s range of travel insurance products.
  • Boost followers and engagement on the brand’s official pages on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Increase travel insurance sales in Greece, for domestic and international trips.
  • Increase B2C travel insurance sales, compared to the previous year, through the booking website and call center.

The Insights that Guided our Strategy

To plan the campaign, we tapped into a range of valuable insights on evolving travel behaviors. Our research found that, among others, people were opting for shorter, closer trips, making reservations at the last minute due to the fear of unforeseen events. Furthermore, we found that consumers in Greece have limited awareness of insurance products – especially travel insurance, which isn’t considered a necessary purchase when traveling. The concept of travel insurance has always been predominantly associated with international travel. Its benefits for domestic trips have, traditionally, been overlooked.

Our mission was to inspire a broad spectrum of travelers (from leisure to business) to venture within Greece and abroad, offering tailored coverage for each category. Allianz Global Assistance’s insurance programs cover not just flights, but also journeys by ship or train.

We presented Allianz Global Assistance as the perfect “travel companion” to help individuals overcome their doubts, and travel further, with confidence, leveraging the company’s global presence and comprehensive insurance solutions.

Strategy & Creative: Inspire, Inform, and Engage

Our campaign, centered around the theme “Travel Further,” aimed to inspire and entertain. We shared breathtaking, authentic images and delved into the essence of global celebrations and special days with inspiring quotes. We curated travel moments with music through Spotify playlists.

To inform and educate, we dedicated each month to specific destinations and created mini travel guides for countries and popular cities. We explored delectable local dishes through gastronomy-themed posts. We addressed common travel insurance questions (Allianz Global Assistance FAQs), and visualized everyday conversations about the benefits of the various available insurance programs (IRL chat posts).

Engagement was a key focus. We collaborated with travel creators, fostering community building by actively responding to comments and messages. We increased interaction, built relationships with influencers through comments on selected accounts (live marketing), and initiated partnerships with niche communities through our live marketing strategy.

Synopsis: A Journey Beyond

Our digital campaign “Travel Further” for Allianz Global Assistance’s travel insurance products encouraged travelers to explore their dream destinations with peace of mind and confidence. Drawing from global and local insights, our campaign resonated with individuals who preferred shorter, “safer” trips, and those concerned about escalating living costs.

In just six months, we reached over one million unique users through a combination of organic, paid, and influencer marketing efforts. The Allianz Global Assistance brand has become synonymous with travel insurance in Greece, and is recognized as a “trusted travel companion” for both domestic and international journeys. 

SCL Mellon is honored to be part of this transformative journey, and we look forward to more effective work, with our client, in the future.


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