Digital Fundraising for nonprofits by Social Mellon for ELLOK

This year’s World Day against Cancer was marked by a special event organized by ELLOK (Hellenic Cancer Federation).

The Hellenic Cancer Federation (ELLOK) successfully held its 5th Annual Conference entitled: “Conquering Cancer”. The 3 days web conference was held from the 4th until the 6th of February 2021 and featured stakeholders from various cancer related associations, the government and the academia.

Social Mellon had the honor  to participate at the 5th Annual Conference on the 6th February 2021 with a presentation entitled “Digital fundraising during the pandemic”. Our founder Katerina Dimitrakopoulou was among the prestigious speakers of the conference highlighting the importance of digital fundraising for nonprofit organizations. New facts and opportunities in digital fundraising campaigns due to the pandemic were also included.

ellok 5th conference participation of Social MellonDigital Fundraising during a pandemic

Which are the best practices in digital fundraising? How can nonprofits come up with out of the box ideas in order to launch successful digital fundraising campaigns?
Social Mellon’s presentation for Digital Fundraising during a pandemic covered the below topics:

  • Audience: How NGOs may find their target audience online
  • Website: main communication channel for NGOs
  • Donation page: how to create the perfect landing page
  • Mobile for digital fundraising: how the increase of mobile use is reflecting on effective digital campaigns
  • Email marketing for NGOs: tips and best practices
  • Digital fundraising platforms in Greece: Give&Fund and Jumpstart Greece
  • Digital Fundraising events: out of the box ideas
  • How the pandemic of Covid-19 affects and changes the way nonprofits can organize virtual concerts, events or other digital fundraising campaigns.
  • Case study: SYZOI digital campaign

Read the complete PDF about Digital Fundraising during a pandemic.

Social Mellon for nonprofit organisations

This was the second time Social Mellon supported the causes of ELLOK after the successful  webinar on Digital fundraising and e-mail marketing on the 23rd of June 2020.

Social Mellon’s mission includes the ongoing support of nonprofits and therefore it is always a pleasure for us to be a proud supporter of ELLOK.

Through its annual conference ELLOK sheds light on important issues about cancer and its community in Greece and opens a fruitful public dialogue with the audience. The Hellenic Cancer Federation was founded in 2015 aiming to unite patients, their caregivers, healthcare professionals, cancer hospitals, politicians, the media and the public, towards the improvement of cancer care, cancer prevention, cancer survivorship, rehabilitation and reintegration of cancer patients into social life and work. Today, the Hellenic Cancer Federation represents 27 cancer patient organisations covering all cancers from all over Greece.

Special Thanks to Elina Alexopoulou, Director of Communications at ELLOK.

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