Social Mellon at the webinar: Media in addiction prevention

The training program “The Science of Prevention: from theory and documentation to practice” of the European Prevention Curriculum (EMCDDA), organized by the University Mental Health Research Institute (UMHRI/EPIPSI) was completed with a webinar  entitled “Media in addiction prevention”. Social Mellon participated in the online event at the 19th of February 2021.

Katerina Dimitrakopoulou presented a speech about “Best practices on Social Media for preventing substance use and addictive behaviors”. The speech highlighted the potentially positive role that social media platforms may play nowadays in the prevention of addictive behaviors.

Social Mellon: Social Media in addiction prevention

Which social media platforms do teenagers use most often? How can successful digital campaigns against substance use be effectively employed on social media platforms? Social Mellon’s presentation for the Role of Social Media in Preventing Addictions covered the below topics:

  • Social Media in Greece (statistics): Which social media platforms are more popular? How many are the social media users within each age group? Which are the top websites in Greece?
  • Audience: how to identify the target audience online
  • Effective communication: how to build an effective message strategy for a prevention digital campaign
  • Teenagers’ audience: what is their online behavior?
  • Covid-19 pandemic: what changes has brought in?
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • How is a prevention digital campaign assessed?

Read the complete PDF about the Role of Social Media in preventing addictions.

Social Mellon for NGOs and Nonprofit organizations

Social Mellon is devoted to the ongoing support of Mental Health Institutes and nonprofit organizations. They contribute actively at increasing awareness and concern about important social causes. Therefore, it was an honor to take part in this initiative as a proud supporter of UMHRI/EPIPSI among prestigious stakeholders from prevention-related associations and academics.


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