Social Mellon at Pagritio 2018

Pagritio 2018 is the 15th conference for foreign language which took place at Chania, Crete. The Panhellenic Federation of language school owners, Palso hosted the conference  which attracted more than 200 attendees with great success. This year’s thematic was “Healthy mind in a healthy body” and it was a unique chance for professionals from all over the country to communicate, join workshops and attend important speeches.

Social Mellon was present, as our managing partner Katerina Dimitrakopoulou was invited to speak about one of interesting subject: “The role and possibilities of Social Media in the modern educational system”. The presentation took place on Saturday the 16th of June and was attended by many visitors and professionals from the education sector, who raised questions and turned the speech into a fruitful dialogue.

We would like to thank Palso, for the invitation.

Find below the complete presentation with tips about how educators can use social media to engage with students and feel free to contact us for more!


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